About us

Roclar Constructions is the culmination of a highly skilled team of creative, professional and passionate experts with strong residential and commercial construction experience. Our bespoke homes and apartments deliver on our underlying passion to create living spaces that withstand the test of time and truly connect with our customer’s vision.

We understand that every home is unique and it reflects the personality of the eventual home owner. With this in mind, we work very hard to ensure that every conceivable idea and thought has been explored before the first shovel of soil is turned. Through our design flexibility, our homes may be adapted to different land shape, location and lifestyle needs. Our custom design element of the business allows land usage to be maximised and individuality to be expressed. At Roclar Construction we give you the freedom to change or add to the design of your home, because we understand that not everyone is the same and that everyone deserves the right to express their individuality.

The Roclar name carries with it a reputation for quality, innovation, design and an unsurpassed level of professionalism and respect for their clients. From inception to beyond project completion, the team at Roclar aim for client satisfaction. We are able to maintain this level of professionalism by limiting the quantity of projects we take on per year, using people we can trust and rely on and directing our focus on ‘Quality not Quantity’. We are a family owned and run company, so at every stage of the construction process you will be dealing with the people who own the company and care about leaving a lasting impression on their customers. We are dedicated to converting your ideas into reality. Whether it be design and/or construct, we welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss your ideas and goals and assist in the most beneficial way to exceed your expectations. v